Strand Pusher

Portable strand feeding machine, packed with safety features and available in multiple power configurations.

  • Description


The STS Strand Pusher is geared toward saving time and labour on the construction site without compromising on safety. Portable and equipped with multiple safety features, the STS Strand Pusher functions to feed strand through sheathing or ducting on site. The strand pusher is designed for practicality, having intuitive controls and a power outlet for your desired strand-cutting tool.

We manufacture all of our equipment adhering to the strictest procedures for quality control. International versions are also available upon request to suit regional power configurations and sockets.

  • High quality
  • Intuitive forward and reverse buttons operate only while pressed for safety
  • Emergency Stop button for safety
  • External RCD reset and test buttons for safety
  • Suitable for use outside (IP54)
  • Handle for strand engagement mechanism included
  • For 12.7 and 15.2 mm strand
  • Power outlet incorporated for your choice of strand cutter
  • International power configurations available upon request
  • Pendants available on request
Product Code Motor IP Rating Strand Feeding Speed Std Input* Std Output* Strand Sizes Weight
E-SP2.2 2.2 kW,
1,450 rpm
IP54 150 m/ min 240 V 240 V 12.7 mm 62 340 480 625


*The standard system voltages may be changed upon request.

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