Jack Wedges

Exceptionally reliable wedges for a variety of mono-strand jacks and for a wide range of strand and cable sizes.

  • Description


Residing within STS stressing jacks, the STS Jack Wedges deliver an unrivalled strand and cable gripping performance. Being manufactured to the highest standards of quality, STS Jack Wedges are designed to lock on to strand until the characteristic ultimate capacity, guaranteeing exceptional reliability when tensioning.

  • High-grade steel
  • Many sizes to compliment stressing jack versatility
  • Specially designed for STS mono-strand stressing jacks
  • Unique teeth design ensures fast lock and tensioning to strand capacity
  • Unique hardness processing for maximum strength and reusability
  • Stamped for traceability and size identification
Jack Wedge Type Product Code Pieces A
9.5 mm Jack Wedge MGJW95 3 60 35
12.7 mm Jack Wedge MGJW13 3 60 35
15.2 mm Jack Wedge MGJW15 3 60 35
15.7 mm Jack Wedge MGJW157 3 60 35
18 mm Jack Wedge MGJW18 3 60 35
12.7 mm 10T Jack Wedge MGCT-1013 3 46 29
15.2 mm 10T Jack Wedge MGCT-1015 3 46 29
15.7 mm 10T Jack Wedge MGCT-10157 3 46 29
15.2 mm 16.7T Jack Wedge MGJW2715 3 57 45
18.5 mm 16.7T Jack Wedge MGJW2718 3 57 45
21.8 mm Jack Wedge MGJW21.8LW 3 57 46.3
22 mm Jack Wedge MGJW22 3 57 45
28 mm Jack Wedge MGJW28 3 57 46.3
31 mm Jack Wedge MGJW31 3 57 46.3


Refer to diagrams in image gallery when using specifications.

Jack Wedge Product Code Stressing Jack Stressing Jack Design Application
MGJW95 25T Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGJW13 25T Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGJW15 25T Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGJW157 25T Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGJW18 25T Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGCT-1013 10T Lightweight Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGCT-1015 10T Lightweight Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGCT-10157 10T Lightweight Stressing Jack Post/Pre-tensioning
MGJW2715 16.7T Stressing Jack Mining
MGJW2718 16.7T Stressing Jack Mining
MGJW21.8LW 32T Lightweight Stressing Jack Mining
MGJW22 16.7T Stressing Jack Mining
MGJW28 16.7T Stressing Jack Mining
32T Lightweight Stressing Jack
MGJW31 32T Lightweight Stressing Jack Mining

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