GripFast Double-Ended Joiners

Exceptionally reliable, single-use strand joiners designed for use in post-tensioning.

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The GripFast double-ended strand joiner is used to increase job-flexibility in post-tensioning by allowing two strands to be joined and used together, realising timely and economic solutions to on-site needs. As with our other GripFast components, our joiners are designed and manufactured to high specifications to ensure reliability.

  • Compact design
  • Quick-locking
  • High load capacity
  • Batch stamping for traceability
Strand Size Product Code Compatible Wedge Weight
( kg)
9.5 mm
GFPTJNR9.6 GFPTW3P09 0.85 45 116
12.7 mm
GFPTJNR13 GFPTW3P13 0.82 45 116
15.2 mm
GFPTJNR15 GFPTW3P15 1.28 50 135


Refer to diagrams in image gallery when using specifications.

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