STS offers two types of bripacks to ensure performance in dispensing strand safely and efficiently in different circumstances on the worksite.

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STS Bripacks are an essential solution to dispense strand safely and efficiently on the construction site. STS manufacture two different types to meet the needs of our broad customer base: The Light-Duty Bripack is easy to handle and transport, it may be quickly installed around a coil to unwind on site; The box-shaped Heavy-Duty Bripack is robust and designed for lifting (tested to Australian Standard AS4991-2004) and storage of strand coils.

Heavy-Duty Bripack Features

  • Incredibly durable
  • Tested to AS4991-2004 standard for lifting devices
  • Working Load Limit of 3,500 kg for common strand coils
  • Equipment tag for traceability and use in maintenance
  • Secure and efficient unwinding of strand


Light-Duty Bripack Features

  • Lightweight
  • Dispense from either side
  • Highly collapsible and transportable
  • Quick installation around strand coil
  • Secure and efficient unwinding of strand
Bripack Type Product Code Tare Weight


Working Load Limit (kg) A












Light-Duty E-BP LD 80 N/A 1.51 1.57 1.5 1.4 -- --
Heavy-Duty Box Type E-BP BT 128 3,500 1.17 1.6 0.9 0.8 0.95 1.01


Refer to diagrams in image gallery when using specifications.

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