10T Lightweight Stressing Jack

Lightweight 10 tonne double-acting hydraulic stressing jack designed for initial stressing.

  • Description


The STS 10 tonne Lightweight Stressing Jack is an extremely portable hydraulic jack used in the Construction industry to tension strand and cables up to 100 kN. This jack, with our portable pump, also presents a cost-saving solution to initial stressing by enabling a single person to finish the job in a short time.

A large range of compatible spares and jack wedges are kept in stock to meet orders with minimal delay.

  • One-person operation
  • Safe and lightweight
  • Suitable for 12.7, 15.2 and 15.7 mm strand or cable
  • Large range of supporting accessories
Capacity Stroke
Working Pressure Eff. Area (mm2) Weight
Coupling Min. strand length* (mm) ØA
100 kN
(10 t)
100 420 bar
(6,000 PSI)
2,417 8.29 3/8” NPT 165 87.7 290 170


* With regular post-tension nose cones.

Refer to diagram in image gallery when using specifications.


System Product Code For Strand Nose Cone
(product code)
Jack Wedge
(product code)
STRESSJACK10T10013GFPT 12.7 mm
PT Nose Cone
12.7 mm Jack Wedge
STRESSJACK10T10015GF 15.2 mm
Flat Nose Cone
15.2 mm Jack Wedge
STRESSJACK10T10015GFPT 15.2 mm
PT Nose Cone
15.2 mm Jack Wedge
STRESSJACK10T100157GFPT 15.7 mm
PT Nose Cone
15.7mm Jack Wedge


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