Prasidh Mankotia


Prasidh has over 26 years of experience working across sales, marketing, business, and channel development in the specialized fields of engineering, technology, test, and measurement in the dynamic markets of the Middle East, Asia Pacific, India & SAARC. During the last two decades, he has worked with both a manufacturer and a distribution partner which has given him unique insights into what makes a successful, profitable, and sustainable model for direct and indirect selling. Prasidh’s experience is supported by a degree in Civil Engineering, and a Masters in Business Administration specialising in Sales and Marketing.

Prasidh joined the STS team in January 2018 and is responsible for P&L performance in the Middle East market; as well as key account and sales management. He is passionate about bringing civil engineering solutions to business and is excited to be involved in both the supply chain management and manufacturing of STS products, from concept to completion.