STS Systems, originally Severs Technical Systems, was formed in 1992. Since then we have established ourselves as technical experts and leading suppliers of pre and post tensioning systems to customers worldwide.

Our pre and post tensioning systems and products are manufactured in facilities across Australia and Asia.  Our systems and processes are certified to the ISO9001 quality standard, and we also certify according to regional requirements, engineering our systems to different local markets.

Our executive team and main operations are based in Australia, with key account managers, engineers and quality assurance managers located across our global sites in Australia, North America, Europe and Middle East.

We are part of the HMI Group which specialises in sourcing, using the economic advantages of Asian manufacturing whilst guaranteeing the highest quality. We are supported by HMI’s global network of over 35 sourcing experts and engineers.



Strength of our customer support service. Our site engineers and key account managers provide you with back up and peace of mind.

Strength of our products and systems. Stable, robust, well-made.


Durability of the STS brand. We have been around since 1992 and have a 20 year history supplying pre and post tensioning systems worldwide.

Durability of our products and systems. Long lasting, resilient, reliable.


Quality of our products: ISO9001 certified to local standards, testing, continual improvement, product traceability throughout the supply chain.

Quality of our people. Over 35 engineers globally with the right qualifications, expertise and experience.